Investor Education Gateway by International Financial Securities Regulatory Commission

Welcome to the IOSCO Investor Education Gateway! This is the place to find information about many IOSCO members' on-line investor education activities, as well as IOSCO publications and presentations regarding investor education.


Investor Education has been and continues to be a significant part of multiple IOSCO seminar training programs. Additionally, and upon requests made by IOSCO members, dedicated Investor Education training has been organized and presented by IOSCO staff.


IOSCO has a major commitment to improving and promoting investor education. Just some of the priorities on the horizon for the IOSCO Education and Training team include:


- Conducting Investor Education Workshops;

- Expanding the Investor Education Gateway;

- Making investor education resources available for all IOSCO members;

- Continuing IOSCO research regarding all aspects of investor education, and offering assistance to IOSCO members with respect to their own investor education initiatives;

- Providing forums and other platforms for IOSCO members to share "Best Practices" and "Good Ideas";

- Analyze what does the current research show with respect to investor education?;

- Focus on what works and what does not work...and what is the proof if something does work?"


The International Financial Securities Regulatory Commission was established to promote investor confidence in the securities and capital markets by providing more structure and government oversight.