2016 FT/IFC Transformational Business Awards And Conference by International Financial Securities Regulatory Commission

The FT/IFC Transformational Business Awards and Conference celebrate innovative initiatives that contribute to significant progress in sustainable development around the world.


This year, the events built on the momentum generated by the United Nations’ 2015 Climate Change Conference (COP 21). One focus was on the challenges climate change bring to developing economies, particularly in urban areas, and on groundbreaking private sector solutions that are addressing those threats or have the potential to do so.


Global thought leaders from the public and private sector also debated the role that the private sector can play in meeting the recently adopted Sustainable Development Goals—in particular the targets around food security and health—and how new technology and disruptive models can be applied to tackling global challenges. The awards also reflected these themes.


The two events took place on June 9, in London.





Clean City Transit, China and Europe

Based primarily in China, Microvast have developed, manufactured, and sold battery power solutions to 10,000 electric buses in 26 provinces across China and four European countries. Their latest development is an ultra-fast charging battery pack, MVPACK, specifically designed for use in cars, with a battery life that matches the life of the vehicle. The convenience of this environmentally friendly energy solution is expected to encourage and contribute to the mass adoption of affordable electric vehicles, and the long-term electrification of urban transport systems.



Piramal Sarvajal, India

Piramal Sarvajal designs and deploys innovative technology to ensure safe water access for India’s rural villages. The company installs local, remotely tracked water purification systems, and has built a strong network of “water ATMs”, solar-powered, cloud-connected vending machines that dispense water for villagers at the swipe of a smart card. As the ATMs track every transaction that takes place, they enable sophisticated market forecasting and 24-hour access to water, as well as the possibility to provide targeted subsidies to certain villages through government-run programs.



Marine Protected Areas, Seychelles

NatureVest’s restructuring of the Seychelles’ sovereign debt has converted a portion of this debt back into a local currency payment stream, to be used to support conservation in the local area. The restructuring provides $281,000 per year for marine conservation activities, and will also see the Seychelles increase its marine protected area in return. This collaboration is the first time that private investment capital has been used to finance a debt-for-nature swap, proving that this model is viable and replicable as a conservation method.



Farmerline MERGDATA, Ghana

Farmerline’s technology enables communication with farmers in rural areas that would be otherwise out-of-reach due to barriers in connectivity, literacy, or language. MERGDATA is available via voice technology in local languages, and provides information including agricultural tips, weather data, and market pricing to farmers even in low-connectivity areas.

Farmerline has also developed technology to improve the efficiency of the agricultural value-chain, including GPS mapping of plot size and systems to facilitate mobile money payments.



Kwara State Health Insurance, Nigeria

In order to improve access to primary healthcare—particularly maternal—for the people of rural Kwara, the PharmAccess Foundation has joined forces with the Kwara State Government, insurance company Hygeia Community Health Care, and the Health Insurance Fund. By educating communities about maternal and child care through outreach programs and mobile health initiatives, and facilitating access to this care by enrolling women and children in the subsidized health insurance program, Pharma Access has had a demonstrable impact on local trust in hospitals and health care.



New Taipei City, Taiwan

New Taipei City is a newly established municipality circling Taiwan’s capital Taipei City. The vision of the city reform is to build a “Livable City” that identifies and accommodates the needs of its people. Innovative policies have included the Happiness Protection Station, where children of disadvantaged families get free meal boxes in convenience stores, and the Department of Social Welfare can then collect the data and reach out to the families in need.

This experiment in modern-age urbanization is citizen-oriented and has encouraged public participation in effective governance, inviting members of the public to be part of committees in major policy areas to enable citizens’ input at every stage of policy planning.


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Reason Singaporeans No Longer Love Shopping on Orchard Road

People prefer to shop online and in heartland malls

Why battle ridiculously heavy traffic and crowded trains and elbow your way past hordes of annoying people who can’t stop blocking the escalators when you can buy the exact same things on the internet or in heartland malls?

Once upon a time, shopping in heartland malls meant wearing This Fashion clothes or being limited to the book selection at Popular.

Nowadays, new heartland malls are much more happening. There are stores like Kate Spade Saturday, Calvin Klein Jeans and Armani Exchange at Westgate, while Nex at Serangoon has a rooftop garden with, get this, a dog park, which we have to admit is freaking cool.

Even if you live in Bukit Batok or Yishun, where the neighbourhood malls still suck, you can just buy stuff online. Online shopping is often cheaper than buying stuff in malls since you don’t need to subsidise the high cost of rent, plus you can buy from retailers without Singapore outlets like Target.

You know what’s better than Pedestrian Night on Orchard Road? Not having to deal with not just cars but also other people.

Yvette, a 38-year-old lawyer, concurs. “I buy a large fraction of my things online now, from vitamin supplements to books for my kids. It’s so much more convenient as I don’t need to waste my time travelling to shopping malls. I can even get the merchants to deliver my purchases to my office.”

Don’t even get us started about the increase in parking fares. You’d be hardpressed to find a mall in the main Orchard Road area with a per-entry fee after 6pm. Instead, they’ve been replaced with time-based per entry rates. Thankfully there are still some safe havens for relatively affordable parking, which we’ve compiled here.


2009 BMW F800ST - Al Lamb's Dallas Honda

This 85 BHP F800ST allows you to tear up any road, country or town. As the touring version of its sister the F800, this bike comes with full fairing, a high windshield, as well as raised handlebars in order to help you conquer any road while maintaining comfort. Contact our sales department for questions or inquiries.


Meir Ezra - Improve Your Health and Happiness

You may have heard that to succeed, you need to adjust yourself to the world around you. Examples:

"You'd better get used to it as that's the way it is." "To be happy, you must compromise." "Don't make waves!"

Yet, to succeed, you must take a different approach.

"Man succeeds because he adjusts his environment to him, not by adjusting himself to the environment." -- L. Ron Hubbard

You decide what you want and how you want it. You take an active role. You change the world around you.

Think of the most successful people you know. Do they mold themselves to fit in? Or do they change the world around them?

As well as determining your success, your ability to adjust your environment also determines your health and happiness.

"So long as an individual maintains his own belief in his ability to handle the physical universe and organisms about him and to control them if necessary or to work in harmony with them, and to make himself competent over and among the physical universe of his environment, he remains healthy, stable and balanced and cheerful." -- L. Ron Hubbard

More Valuable than Money by Meir Ezra

As you know, your income depends on other people. You give them something valuable and they give you money. So even if you think you have nothing to exchange, you have one valuable item that people want from you

"Approval and validation* are often far more valuable than material* rewards and are usually worked for far harder than mere pay."

-- L. Ron Hubbard (*validation: confirm something or someone is true, genuine) (*material: physical)

In a Gallup Organization poll of 2,000 workers, 69% said praise and recognition from their bosses is more motivating than money. Four out of five workers said recognition or praise motivates them to do a better job.

Studies by the US Army prove that soldiers improve their performance 90% of the time when praised and 30% of the time when criticized. But officers in the US Army still prefer to criticize and rarely praise anyone.

Thanking employees is an effective management technique. Every manager and executive must know how to show appreciation to deserving staff members. Good acknowledgments encourage better behavior and increased production. Validating good workers can even help a business recover.

For example, the owner of a small business had a heart attack and could not work for a few weeks. He recovered and came back to work and found he had no money to pay his employees. Instead of asking the employees to leave or borrowing money to cover payroll, the owner used praise and acknowledgment as "pay."

Every employee stayed on board without financial pay for nearly two months. The morale of the group was tremendous. The operation became profitable and the team was rewarded with more money than they would have normally received from a similar job.

You Can Use This Principle in Other Ways

You can use this principle in other ways. For example, workers can boost their success by properly thanking their bosses and coworkers. If your leader and teammates are succeeding, your chances to succeed improve.

Some people have the mistaken idea that it is wrong or weak to praise people. "If I thank him or approve his good work, he'll think I'm inferior." "I can't validate her good work because she's already making more money than me." "Even though Joe is my friend, he's also my competition for the raise so I'm not telling anyone how smart he is."

Of course, this idea is wrong. For example, successful sports teammates are constantly approving and encouraging each other with loud yells and slaps. Without this encouragement, the team and each individual would fail.

Praise also gets a bad name when you are not sincere. Sarcastic praise or lying about your admiration can actually hurt your relationships. Validating and appreciating people only helps you if you are honest.